AKA & Anatii Drops “Don’t Forget To Pray” Official Music Video


AKA and Anatii has finally let loose of this much anticipated music video of “Don’t Forget To Pray” to the internet junkies. This song is one of the best we had to listened to this year, and nothing re-heats a hot song more than a crisp music video. “DFTP” was released the same day as Cassper‘s “Thuto” album, and it’s has done a lot to stay relevant, shout out to SUPA MEGA and Sexy Chubby Nigga.

Do you know that God is in the way? Yeah yeah

This music video gives me life bruh, it’s very colorful. You may remember the official cover was orange, the video gives an animated version of the exact feeling got back in 5 May. I had to say the boy’s really timed well the release date of the music video. And also they had enough time to give us a really video for this 2017 iconic song.

I have agree that the specific use of the models in the frames is also well thought out which adds a bit of flavour to it. My favorite parts of the video after the dominant orange screen scenes are the cutaways of the snake, lizard and dog. There’s just a sense of cool about those pictures appearing in the visual every often. Well, I like it! Watch it below!

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