AKA & Stogie T reunites for ‘Starsigns’ a new saucy single!


The legendary ‘Miss Joburg’ duo, AKA and Stogie T reunites for another killer collab. They give us ‘Starsigns’ the latest single from SupaMega’s camp. “Y’all been waiting on these new joints from me …. but it’s nothing like what I been through waiting for them to unveil Sanchez bro. Finally. ?” – AKA


AKA also said he’s releasing ‘Starsigns’ first because people keep saying he don’t rap no more.


Okay the joint is fire, it’s been a while for real we had AKA rap and hopefully ‘Starsigns’ will make them shut it. Stogie T’s verse is the one they’ll be talking about damn, long story short they’re pointing out the ‘fake rappers’ not having the sauce.

How many times have I invented a whole new style… I don’t even want the credit I just wanna be remembered.

Stream the and purchase the new single below!


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