Astryd Brown, Nadia Nakai – Lately (Official Music Video)


It’s that PGP sound!

After receiving head-bopping reception, Hype Freshman 2018 candidate Astryd Brown premieres the music video for her collaboration with Nadia Nakai called Lately.

Lately I don’t even check the price

Playground Productions was like “f being basic” and they packed their bags and took a trip to Dubai to shoot this beautiful piece of art with Astryd and Nadia damn. Shout out to the man himself Kyle Brown for this amazing work.


Vacation – is the keyword, from the desert, then driving around in super-cars and not forget the cruise. We see the girls having a great time and when you combine those images with the song Lately you can tell they on top of the world and unbothered.

Got your nigga on the line
Tell him that he’s fucking with my high
If I want it you just gotta name the price
If I’m coming better make sure it’s a vibe

I hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did. Get Lately on iTunes and watch the video below.

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