B3nchMarQ – ASPEN (NEW EP)


Aye! ASPEN Is Finally Here!

As it was promised, B3nchMarQ just let go of their new 8 track project. The EP that only got one feature by another PTA new artist ‘3two1’ on a second track “Unapologetic.” Well, ASPEN‘s first track “Buzz LightYear” just an example what to expect, the boys too fly.


And IceMan Beatz is the main engineer of the whole project, his production was on point. We should’ve seen it coming when he produced ‘Camera Shy’ which was released last month and it’s also part of ASPEN. The way this duo is pushing you would think there’s a label behind them, but nah. The boys are even grinding harder without a label.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Buzz LightYear
  2. Unapologetic ft. 3two1
  3. Perfect
  4. Camera Shy
  5. Super Hero
  6. Show Me
  7. Aspen
  8. Safe Landing (Outro)

I like how they setup their tracklist, from ‘Buzz LightYear’ to ‘Safe Landing’ I see what they did there.

Stream and download #ASPENEP below.

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