“Bazooka” by DizLive (Official Music Video)


I know that a lot of blogs are sleeping on the “unseen” rappers, but this song by Diz Live ‘Bazooka’ really got me (someone tagged me on Twitter, I can’t find the tweet anymore). This the kinda music we’re sleeping on and I just really had to share it with y’all.

The flow though

I mean, I only know one song by Diz Live which is a “Don’t Forget To Pray” remix / freestyle, which is also dope you should check it out. This “Bazooka” track is something unique and special, coming from a South African upcoming artist, listen to his lines. The video is black and white and also clean, the dude doing his thing. Please watch the “Bazooka” music video above and share. Listen to the kids! 

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