Dj Dimplez drops new single “What A Night” with Kwesta & Tellaman


Aye! DJ DImplez drops new single today titled “What a Night” featuring Tellaman and Kwesta. The hook though by Tellaman is outta this world. And then the K1 God, Kwesta also delivered a dope verse, delivering the same energy Tellaman and the beat has.

So basically the title and the artwork (above) sums up everything about this new single, it’s about “last night shands.” And the more I play it the more I get into the vibe and screaming “What a Night” is all I’m doing now. Man, DJ Dimplez is a genius, who would have thought of a single with both Kwesta and Tellaman. The single is available on all music platforms, click here to get it. Also stream it down below!

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