Emtee ft. Sims – “My Way” (Single)


Emtee - My Way ft Sims

Aye! The African Trap Movement Boss, Emtee drops a new trap hit titled “My Way” featuring one of ATM members Sims. We have already got another single from Emtee today titled “Me and You” go check it out.

The only downside of this single is that it’s not part of the album “Manando”, it’s a very dope song full of positive vibes. This song actually reminds me of “Bob Marley” by Sims featuring Emtee, that’s a really lit track that was slept on, poor South Africans.

Please let me live my life, please don’t come my way

If you keep track of the latest internet slang, you will know that the “My Way” title references the GOAT’s favorite slang. So haters need to chill and leave him live his life his way. Also Sims mentions it in the hook “Please let me live my life, please don’t come my way” Aye, this is going to be my mood for the rest of the year. Can’t wait for #MANANDO to drop.

Check out the “My Way” single below via Apple Music or iTunes.

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