Ex-Global New Single “DIMIR” ft. A-Reece, Flame, Ecco & Louw


Does It Make It Right – “DIMIR”

Okay before we get to the single, here’s the question: Does it make it right? For a girl to just sleep with one of your friends out of spite? Well, it’s a something you should expect as a crew when it comes to girls you know. That’s why it was never right to tattoo someones name (Flame Mmm.) This is exactly what this new single by Ex-Global is about you feel me. And the boys are wildin!

Does it make it right for you to go and f**k one of my n****s out of of spite

The Wrecking Crew ain’t playing this year, and they promised us fire this month. This single “Dimir” features A-Reece, Flame, Ecco and Louw. With different rappers having different inputs on this “Does it make it right?” Firstly it’s A-Reece on the hook going in, “Does it make it right for you to go and f**k one of my n****s out of of spite, I been all alone tryna get my mind right, you been going off you be havin long nights” but for real though why it gotta be this way?

The the main man Ex grabs the mic from Reece and the beat slows down (It’s a heartbeat kinda sound), “…who am I going call when you go missing every night, but all my boys are right it should end tonight, i should call you up and let you know I’m saying bye” but does it make it right for it to end this way? Damn “Dimir” is leaving me with a lot of unanswered questions.

And Flame took the mic before I can hear what the other dude was saying. He comes in, “I still fuck with you at the same time I don’t” come on Flame is it because she got your name on her wrist? I also wonder what she’s telling all the other dudes. I also agree with Flame here when he continued “Tryna f**k my dude, god-damn you so cold, Why you so childish when you are this old.” 

This is very dope song to be honest and you can tell it’s coming from their own personal views, not intended to disrespect any females out there in any way. My advice: Cop it.

Also the joint is produced by both A-Reece and MashBeatz, what a jam! I wonder what’s the original sample, comment below if you know it.

For now all you gotta do is get the single below, iTunes / Apple Music.

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