Flame – Pray 4 Us (Official Music Video)


“The Wrecking Crew Presents… Flame – Pray 4 Us , Directed by Ayanda Mayo Sedibe”

One of The Wrecking Crew‘s rappers Flame releases a new beautiful song dedicated to his mom. The title of the song is Pray 4 Us. When I first saw the title I thought it was going to be about God or something else, turns out to be a very touching song he has released.

I know there are some things I can’t undo
Only thing I can say is ‘I love you’
Through the pain mama you stay strong
Same pain that I got you through
Now it’s me against the world mama
Even got a pregnant girl with me mama
That’s why I’m out here working hard
Just to see you live mama
I had to quit school for this sh*t
I know you ain’t cool with this sh*t
I had to do it just to see…
Had to do it just to see you rich
Mama I hope that you pray for us
Hope you do it everyday for us

Peep the lyrics from “Pray 4 Us”. (above)

Flame releases the song during Women’s Month but most important it’s the 9th of August. Surely his mom is proud, and all the beautiful women out there deserves this love. Happy Women’s Day.

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