Listen to ‘fORTIFIED’ by bENNY wOODS featuring Honey Molasses


It’s finally out! The song “fORTIFIED” by bENNY wOODS featuring Honey Molasses. Got a chance to listen to this one a couple days ago and I was so turnt for the release day.

‘fORTIFIED’ is a trip-hop and rock influenced song which is pretty self-reflective and “although it might sounds erotic and passionate but in reality it’s more like an apology to all the people around me who I love yet I always hurt due to my mental issues and my lack of emotional self-control.”bENNY highlighting the song. And it’s really a good song to listen to, I hop y’all enjoy it.

The song is produced, performed and mixed by bENNY wOODS himself, it features his good friend Honey Molasses who’s a South African singer and it is mastered by his brother Blayze Deville.

Stream ‘fORTIFIED‘ below!

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