Gigi Lamayne dragging Aunty Gugs M on Twitter! #GigiVsGugs


Okay we know it’s Monday, we did get new music… but Gigi Lamayne dragged Gugu Mahlangu through these Twitter streets.

It all began with Miss Pru’s ‘Isaga Lam’ music video featuring the girls Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakai, La Sause & Londie London. Check that video out it’s fire… back to Gigi, it all began when she posted the below picture on Twitter from the video.

Then Black Twitter started going at her, throwing shades and (@GugsM)Gugu Mahlangu, editor and talk show host. Last night, she was one of the draggers of The Gigi Pic, zooming in on the picture, instigating that it had a cockroach. She later deleted the picture.

Next on Gigi’s agenda this morning was none other than Gugu in a series of numbered tweets. Calling her Aunty, reminding her of her usual trolling and telling her to remain her age bracket. Check out the tweets below.

And Black Twitter decided its only right to end it with 10-0 to Gigi.

Was Gugu wrong? Or should Gigi keep doing her? Will Gugu troll again? Find out on the next episode of… Please let us know what you think of this Twar down in the comments section!

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