Hoax Arcade – MOSH ft. Vitu & Sicks KRK (EP Stream)

Artwork by: Theleastimportant
Artwork by: Theleastimportant

“This is an introspective and unapologetic look at my life and experiences in the past two years. All the highs and lows, times of excessive self-medication and making decisions driven by my drunk bravado.

The project is really me looking in from the outside, at times talking to the 18/19 year old me directly about what to do and what not to do in the big city, Johannesburg. Since the project has taken the better half of two years, of course with the coming of age certain views change as one matures.

The lyrical content, conveys a message of self-fixing/self- help to become a more social and responsible individual all together.

I assume most might miss this somber tone of the project, because of the high tempo and hard hitting drums of the instrumentals provided by Arcade Music’s in house producer Subs.

Sonically, I am almost 100% sure there is nothing like this on the market. Some would classify it as trap, however we feel it is way more than that.

We have coined our own term, calling it Mosh/Mosh-bounce, the rhythm is literally in between House music, Kwaito and ‘Trap’. We believe we are in equilibrium with these three genres. Something that can
easily fit in a premium club, to bars in Braamfontein and taverns countrywide.

Most of all, exporting this sound to the world would rightfully represent South Africa by incorporating the biggest genres locally to create something new all together.

I could not have created an experimental project like this one on my own.
The first prominent feature is one of Arcade Music counterpart Vitu, who lends a hand on ‘4AM’. This record is like a POV steady-cam tour through my day to day experiences and of Braamfontein. A thorough in and out of what we usually get up to and how I deal with my insecurities in such an unforgiving environment. Vitu steps in and projects the exact opposite of this. Running of the momentum of his debut EP “This Time Next Week”, he comes in and claims his spot as one to watch and if you have ever doubted him as a rapper, he definitely has something to say to you on this verse. The other features, include Sicks KRK of the KRKboyz opening up the project for me, definitely something to watch for. ” – HOAX

Check out the tracklist below and stream the EP below.

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