“I Hope This Gives You Viibes” Mixtape By BlaQ-Slim & ChingaTime


Musical geniuses BlaQ- Slim and ChingaTime are proud to present their first mix tape together called I Hope This Gives You Viibes. After having collaborated on many songs they finally decided “what the hec lets just make a mix tape and keep going!” The project idea was extremely random, and certainly came out way better than either had expected.

I Hope This Gives You Viibes:
What they did with this tape was set a mood and here is how they did so. Once you listen to the tape I Hope This Gives You Viibes you will pick up that it creates “Vibes” for different times of the day. e.g. “Lord Knows” is a morning pray just before you take on the day ahead. Throughout the day you will have gone through different emotions where “Hunger for More” and “Pressure” would come into play. These tracks are harder knocking trap songs that will get you through the motions of the day.

“Low” is the life we have now had to adapt to, everything they do has to be so low-key.

As we move along to “For The $”, “Addiicted” and ‘Miine” this part of the tape shows their addiction to the fast life and the consequences of living in the moment. You will get the feel that the mood of the music has shifted and is more mellow and personal. The track “Envy” is stepping out of that emotional side and going back into the raps. “Too many bottles” falls within this category as well and is basically saying “screw it, let’s take it back to the trap/wavy side. “Paradiise” follows through the same theme just with a more local feel to it. So when listening to this tape you will definitely go through different vibes and each song will put in a different mood.

As you can above, the tracks are well crafted and you might think it’s an album. Listen to the full playlist here on SoundCloud and Audiomack. Follow the boys x

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