Kid Tini drops ‘Movie’ and shots fired at A-Reece!?


Ambitiouz Entertainment’s signee Kid Tini drops a new freestyle titled ‘Movie’ the freestyle is full of shots which might be aimed at A-Reece, the ex Ambitiouz artist.

This isn’t the first time these two being the talked about with all these subs being thrown left and right.

“I used to to fuck with the shit you made, now you taking shots and missing so aim higher”

“If you making all that money go and settle your fees, pay what you owe, teach your ass not to shit where you eat”

“I fucked your bitch way befor I was hot”

“A looking-fruity nigga finally grew a pair”

“Pretoria’s what? Bet I can’t make that podi podium rock!”

Stream ‘Movie’ below and leave your comments below, tell us what y’all think.

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