The King of Summer Is Back, DJ SOX With Another Banger “Phophotha”


Newlywed DJ SOX, born Mbusi Sokhela, clearly makes an effort to spoil the love of his life, if his new song, Asambe SiyePhophothais anything to go by. The track, which is reminiscent of a contemporary love song, with dance elements sprinkled all over it,  is all about pampering your lady, and showing her that she mean’s the world to you, something SOX likes to do at her favorite hair salon, an upmarket and popular establishment in Durban, which shares a name with the song’s title.

“I’m about that life, and this song is for all the ladies who love to look great and stay up-to-date”, says the hit-making DJ. The cut, which was released this month (October), is already a hit with “the ladies”. So much so, that a (female) fan started #ThePhophothaChallenge on social media, which shows ladies “patting their weaves, along to DJ SOX’s smash hit single. The song title is derived from ukuphophotha, which means to beautify in Durban Slang.

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The banger also features Bhar, Sir Bubzin, Baba ka Nothing and Dotte. The collaboration was purely spontaneous though; the crew was chilling in studio, and toying with ideas as musicians often do, before they knew it, the gents were looking up at a potential Summer Anthem. “We were messing around with beats and lyrics, when the concept for the song just developed and took on a life of its own”,says DJ SOX.

Not one to rest on his laurels, the long-time DJ and producer, is always on the lookout for fresh talent to add to his signature sound. This offering is no exception, two of the featured artists, Baba ka Nothing & Dotte, are relatively new to the music scene; for instance, Baba ka Nothing is actually an IT lecturer, who simply loves music and having a good time, with a growing Instagram following to prove it.

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The full album is, “technically ready”, according to DJ SOX, who is aiming for an early 2018 release. Get the song below via his tweet.

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