Michael McQuaid – 26 Miles (feat. Hudson East)


About “26 Miles” – Three years ago, Nashville artist Michael McQuaid was going through what many would call a severe “party boy” phase. Finding himself too hungover after a particularly long night to make a tinder date with “the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen,” he decided to nurse himself back to health with his music. “26 Miles” was born.

It took a couple of weeks, but McQuaid eventually talked the woman only known as Jazmine into rescheduling. “26 Miles” was lost to the times in an old notebook as their relationship blossomed-Jazmine, a stylist and fashion blogger who had her life together, had tamed McQuaid. As the couple was moving in together last year, McQuaid uncovered the lyrics and realized he just had to see the song through. After a chance finding of UK rapper Hudson East, who quickly agreed to a guest feature, “26 Miles” is finally ready to be shared with the masses.

Michael McQuaid on “26 Miles” – “When I’m in the car and that gas light hits, I wait until the last possible minute. I’ve figured out I can drive about 30 miles until I run out. Why do we do that?! It’s about those late night texts, when you wanna go see your girl and you’re car is JUST passed empty. But that doesn’t stop you. ‘I’d ride 26 miles on E to come and see you’. This song is all about the vibe. I want people to drive in their car, all the windows down, with no gas in their car, blasting this song and on their way to go see someone special.”

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