Nasty C & Stogie T Will Not Be Joining Reason & A-Reece On #WhoKilledWho


Well… we’ll still hear more about “Nasty C vs A-Reece”. Basically Reason will drop a “Who Killed Who” joint and needs rappers to join him. Twittersphere had a voice, and voted for rappers like Nasty, A-Reece, Tumi, the Shane Eagles and more. Baby Boy was the first and still the only one to accept.

A-Reece, Reason, Nasty C #WhoKilledWho
A-Reece, Reason, Nasty C #WhoKilledWho

Nasty C and Stogie T declined the offer, and will not be joining Reason & A-Reece. We all know Tumi (Stogie T) and Reason have a lil beef, so it wasn’t a surprised. But we still not sure why Nasty C won’t be joining the guys, or maybe he is still sticking to that it will be pointless for him to be on a same song as A-Reece because their sound a almost the same.

There’s no doubt that the fans would’ve really loved to hear a track with Reason, Tumi, A-Reece & Nasty C. As their names was popping up the most. Reason pointed out on a few tweets about the  “Who Killed Who” collabo. Check out his tweets below:

Tumi became the first one out then Nasty. Who do you think should join Reason and A-Reece? Hop on the #WhoKilledWho hashtag or tag @ReasonHD on Twitter! We want a really dope joint here! Also leave your comments down below.

Hey did you listen to Gemini Major – Church?

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