“Need Me” – Shane Eagle ft. KLY (Official Music Video)


Shane Eagle continues with the #Yellow trend by releasing the second music video off his new album ‘Yellow.’ The first music video we saw earlier was for “Let It Flow” which made social media go crazy when the album was released.

you said you’ll never leave me, why i’m all alone now…

These visuals are for “Need Me”, the only song on the album that got a feature and it’s pretty much obvious why he chose KLY, the dude can sing yoh he’s good with them hooks. And as I have said on the ‘Yellow’ review that this one’s about the girls, he needed that KLY feature.

The video is set in a very lonely place, near the woods and it appears as if the two boys are stranded in the middle of nowhere. And they need to make this telephone call, Shane Eagle is calling this girl but seems like things doesn’t work, he later passes the telephone to KLY and he carry’s on with the call. This is really a dope music video please check it above.

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