Owethu – Strawberry Moon – EP (OhGooch)

Owethu – Strawberry Moon - EP
Owethu – Strawberry Moon – EP

Owethu – alternatively known as OhGooch shares Strawberry Moon, the full moon in June. This is where strawberries are normally ripe enough for picking.

“I feel that I’ve been through so much that now I’m ready to express rather than suppress my emotions. This EP was meant for expression more than anything else. It speaks about matters that aren’t spoken about or are looked over in the local music industry.

So many people out there are suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts and don’t speak up because of the world we live in where positivity is glamorized.

The EP also delves into relationships, relationships where you actually talk about the struggles of getting back with your ex after cheating but most importantly, admitting that you’ve cheated.

Owethu – Strawberry Moon - EP
Owethu – Strawberry Moon – EP Tracklist

Equally so, it touches on trust issues. Things will feel good at times after you get back together but you always have to live with the memories that your partner has and how no matter how much you show them that you committed and changed, there’s nothing that can take back what you did and they’ll always remember .

Life ain’t all rainbows. We are broken people looking for and picking up the pieces of our shattered reality.

Owethu aka OhGooch aka The Guy Behind Gemini Major’s Bang Bang Hook


So Owethu’s intentions aren’t just to get it to the top at all. But to be the voice for those who can’t speak up. Letting people know that they not alone and it’s okay. Stream Strawberry Moon EP below:

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