Priddy Ugly – Tshela (Official Music Video)


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Ambitiouz Entertainment releases the official music video for Priddy Ugly’s single “Tshela” from his number one chart topping album E.G.Y.P.T. a smash of note.

“if i die, i pray i come back as iskhothane” – Priddy Ugly

Priddy reps the hood and the hood like no other on this colorful ‘Iskhothane’ themed visuals. I have to say this is the side of Priddy Ugly we have never seen, or noticed. The guy is a real skhothane from the luxurious clothes, to dance moves, to spilling ‘Ultra Mel’ damn, this is too much. He showed the part we never see on TV about the hood.

In the beginning of the video Priddy Ugly mentions that if he die, he’s praying to come back as a skhothane, I think it’s not too late broer you he can still be iskhothane se-game.

Watch the full official visuals of Tshela below!

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