Reason – Who Killed Who With A-Reece, Rouge, Shane Eagle & YoungstaCpt!


After much deliberation, numerous calls and texts back and forth, we finally have a complete Who Killed Who track with A-Reece, Reason, Rouge, Shane Eagle and Youngsta.

The best part about his track’s roster is that we saw its inception unfold right in front of our eyes. Reason initially wanted to have A-Reece, Nasty C and Stogie T on a track with him, but after some talks where Nasty C declined and Stogie T eventually falling off the track as well, we had to realign ourselves. Although I’ve been following the developments to this track, I really did miss the conversation about who will produce it – I did, however, briefly see Reason’s post asking for referrals. Great news is that we’re that much closer to an actual track so that’s a start! See you back here for some more developments on this important song.

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