Saudi – D.R.U.G.S Inc (Album Stream & Review)


The album kicks off with a 325 spin, Msotra Man with a very motivational first track where he opens up more and motivates the kids and the meaning D.R.U.G.S Inc.

Then there is Boda Tonight (meaning: die tonight) Saudi saying even if he dies tonight he wouldn’t mind, he’s living his life. That’s makes sense, we should be living and enjoying our lives nothing’s promised, at the end of the day life is just an illusion.

Dark Dindy was released earlier this month as a lead single joining Make You Proud to push the D.R.U.GS Inc album and I’m not surprised it’s part of the project, the song is really good. It’s a fast paced song, it got that kick and not to mention it’s features The Goats Emtee and Sjava.

Drip, the boy is dripping swag “I drip njengamanzi, Njengamanzi dripping ngath ng’phum empompini” that was a dope hook right there. Then just after he was flexing on “Drip” the time has come to listen to “Anymore” where he’s no longer in love or attracted to the significant other anymore. “I was so sure that you were the one for me, I guess love is blind cos’ you were all I could see, but you were just in my way.”

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After the breakup on the previous song “Anymore” this is the Saudi that has made it and he’s looking back at what happened and wanna know “How Does It Feel” basically to all the people that was hating, saying he wouldn’t become nothing, “How does it feel” to see him achieving his goals.

“Make You Proud” touched me on a spiritual level, where he’s sending a message to his family and that they shouldn’t cry even if they miss him he’s out here grinding and will make them proud. Listen to Make You Proud below (If it doesn’t touch you in any way… I’m afraid but you have to consult a doctor.)

Ninth track, “Side On the Side” Saudi is opening up about his relationship where he got a side girl and that side girl got a side too. “I hope I make you proud, njengawe I’ve a side now” that sounds too complicated Msotra Man, I have a feeling it’s the “Mellisa Pink” he mentioned on the previous track where he was wildin’ about this beautiful plastic Mellisa who might be Lucifer, I’m not surprised the relationship had to be this complex.

TKay of B3nchMarQ showing love!!!

Saudi is back back on his flexing mood / swag dripping mood on his self titled “MsotraMan” boss vibes only. Pull Up continues where Msotra Man left off, but this time he called the ATM boss, letting them know they ain’t scared to pull up, or if you got a problem you better pull up.

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What’s a “DRUGSinc” album without a song titled “Addicted” I was expecting it ever since I saw the album title. “You probably thought of u-cherry when I said I’m addicted”

Overall D.R.U.G.S Inc is a complete project, it’s worth a listen, if you were having second thoughts you’re missing out go get it. Listen to the whole album preview below or iTunes here.


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