Shane Eagle – Yellow (Album Stream)



Shane Eagle has finally released his debut album “Yellow” and it’s flames, it’s now my new favorite. He released the album earlier today as he promised, trust me he has been saying it’s coming.

“Your favorite rapper is a pop star, darling”

The ‘Yellow’ album is packed with 13 condensed songs, so it’s the quality that matters no the quantity. And it’s a very honest album from the Eagle, he really opened up and you can easily relate or inspired. This project also got one feature which is KLY from Ambitiouz on the fifth track “Need Me”, and yes it’s about a girl.

The first song is titled “Yellow” as in the album title, it’s a very soulful hip hop song where Shane Eagle flows over a smooth piano inspired beat. He opens up about life and highlights on the things like he “got a homie who received the biggest blessing of his life, was too young understand and thought this blessing wasn’t right, tossing and turning thoughts of this is haunting him at night, plus he just finished school so his paper is not right, thinking what i’m gonna do so hit the kill switch, he might but it’s too late cause time is ticking every day and night, he is weak inside his mind and this battle cannot fight, what my homie did not see is this blessing was just life, let it live homie.” – Shane Eagle, on “Yellow”

“I don’t wear diamonds, diamonds killed my ancestors.”

Shane Eagle on the “Intro” (which is the second track here) also highlight that he’d rather be broke withe the best music than sign that deal, you can see he’s sticking to being independent and it’s working for him. Peep the full tracklist of “Yellow” below.

The “Privacy Interlude” is really dope “F all these old homies, this is that new wave, my homie I’m self made” Shane Eagle is really going in here damn. You can stream and purchase this album down below on iTunes or Apple Music.

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