Stogie T – Pretty Flowers ft. Kwesta, Maggz & J Molley (Official Music Video)


Here’s the official music video of Pretty Flowers from the album ‘Honey and Pain’ performed by Stogie T (formerly known as Tumi of Tumi and The Volume).

The song pretty much new, Stogie made sure everyone was present for this classy video. I’m talking about J Molley on the hook and the other two veterans, Kwesta and Maggz.

“I planted the seeds for trees, but only petals grow, I guess when they get dried up They’ll say I smoked them, though” – Stogie T

“We went from peasants to kings, We know the best of both, So I ain’t sweating those, Little shots ain’t getting close” – Maggz

“I made stencils, they just spray shit, I got the six, might get a Drake on my next shit” – Kwesta

Watch the video below:

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