ThandoNje – Moonshine (Short Film)


I ain’t been sleep since last night
And I’m ’bout see another moonshine

ThandoNje shares with us a well crafted short film for her heartwarming song “Moonshine,” the whole presented package (audio and visuals) is the example of “less is more” and it’s turned out perfectly.

The film documents the time in her love relationships which led her to making this masterpiece of a song. During the breakup her lover at that time said she was “lame now… and she ain’t popping no more, and ain’t doing shit for her” damn.


While on the other side Thando was really in her feelings man, “I ain’t been sleep since last night And I’m ’bout see another moonshine” just thinking about her.

I really don’t know man but there are people out there who ain’t loyal, who’ll be there when you winning and nowhere to be seen when you down. But hey big up to the girl for tapping that part which brought us “Moonshine” lol.

Watch the video below, you’ll love it! And also peep “LOUD” featuring Ex-Global, Ecco and Flame.

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