The Street Poet Duncan, Turns Up The Pressure, With A Hit #Change4Nobody


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Life offers very few certainties, change remains one of those scarce things we know to remain constant; as an artistic mind, Duncan has been blessed with the ability to help foster change, and not merely succumb to it. That intrinsic ability to change, and actively create change, is best exemplified by his relatively short career to date; from Duncan‘s highly successful debut album, Street Government, which was released in ’04, and saw him nominated for Best Rap Album, Best Newcomer of the Year & Remix of the Year, at the 21st South African Music Awards (SAMA’s) in 2015; onto his sophomore project, Balaclava, which dropped in the 4th quarter of 2016 & fully established one of KZN’s finest rappers, as a transcendent Street Poet, who continues to defy the norm in his sound, subject matter & dedication to valuing substance along with style.

Duncan came into the game as a largely unknown talent from KwaMashu, finding the industry in a state of change, he brought a new and refreshing sound, that was a welcome deviation from the rest of the mainstream Hip-Hop at the time. 4 years on, and the whole landscape is unsurprisingly different, much of the sound & content pioneered by Duncan, the Winner of the Best Remix of the Year Award, at the 14th Metro FM Awards and his Rap Forefathers, Pro, Red Button & Zakwe, has begun to dominate the airwaves, clubs & Internet locally; #Change4Nobody, featuring Kwesta & Masandi, is a much-needed reminder of what Duncan means to the craft as a whole.

As the road takes a new turn, with global music & entertainment beginning to assimilate to more Africanized sounds, traits, and subjects, Mzansi Hip-Hop will need its premier artists to offer the world their best possible Original African creations, and place us, as an entertainment industry, in a position to truly grow as a result of the impending changing of the guard. #Change4Nobody, is a piece of art that tells many stories, in its mere existence, and will serve as a reminder to us all; while change will remain constant, we should not change what makes us unique and special, that’s key to who we truly are.

Watch Skuva – #Change4Nobody featuring Kwesta & Masandi below.

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