Tshiamo Dube – SOAR

Tshiamo Dube Soar
Tshiamo Dube – Soar

Tshiamo’s “SOAR” – The song is about never being able to meet the expectations of someone who loves you.  We can all relate to this at some level, as it’s a feeling that is universal and that affects everyone at some point.

“I am hoping that it will be inspiring to those who are struggling with the same emotions, the intention of this song is to serve as a reminder to those hurt by their loved one’s scrutiny and harsh words, that everything will be alright in the end.” – Tshiamo, when asked about “SOAR.”

This single is a heartfelt song, with strong vocals. It's uplifting an encouraging. Click to Tweet

She also mentioned that she got inspiration from one of her all-time favorite songs “Be Alright” by Justin Bieber. Tshiamo continued “I hope that all who listen to it either can relate or feel empathy for those in a similar situation as described in the song.” 

Take a few minutes off your day and listen:

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