LaSauce – Number One (Official Music Video)


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Ambitiouz Entertainment is back this Friday with new visuals, this time it’s for LaSauce with her less than a week old song Number One. AE has been the busiest team over the past week or two, they have been dropping music and also video for almost all their artists.

This video is very dramatic, we see LaSauce with her number one on a mission robbing banks and local shops, to being chased by the police. While the song is constantly going in “You’re the father of my baby, you’re my number one, and there’s no other one” You can tell there’s no way way they’ll go against each other.

At the very end of the video they successfully escape and we see the chilling at the beach. This video is all about loyalty and gangster love. I’m sure Ambitiouz isn’t promoting violence or something, it’s about the power of sticking with each other no matter what the obstacles are. Watch the whole video below.

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