YoungstaCPT Came, Saw, Conquered [Quick Review/Video]


All The Way From Wes-Kaap!

With the hook that goes “I can’t wait much longer, We made it without sponsors, You created the monster, Now pray to your Father, I came, saw and conquered, You didn’t kill me you made me stronger” that’s when I knew this is going to be movie.

“Reporting live from the bottom of the barrel” – YoungstaCPT as he’s tied down the chair, in a locked dark room. He continues to spit his first verse even though he’s tied up. You can see that he’s really hungry and isn’t about give up now. He also mentions that he’s building an empire and his busy with construction that he’ll probably leave to his siblings and cousins.

Then his two home boys come and save him and leave by the back door as the second hook starts. That’s when the beast was released and he begins his second verse “Reporting live from the belly of the beast.” Now doors are open and Youngsta is free and can say whatever he wants, but most importantly he is still fighting ‘them’ in his verses. He’s wearing the Super Bowl ’13 jacket. That’s when The Ravens defeated the 49ers and handing them their first Super Bowl loss in franchise history. I’m just wondering who’s going down this time.

And you can see that the dude is up to something or probably has found a loop hole in the rap game. Because they didn’t kill him they made him stronger, he came, saw and conquered. With all being said this is really good music from the rapper, and also shout out to Chrysto Meth for this dope production.

Peep the official music video “Came, Saw, Conquered” by YoungstaCPT below.

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