Yung Swiss – Die Yung (Official Music Video)

Yung Swiss Die Yung Artwork
Yung Swiss Die Yung Artwork


Yung Swiss – PGP number one shooter unleashes new music and visuals at the same time!

The new song is titled “Die Yung” and in the beginning of the video; we see Yung Swiss in the dark singing the hook “Suicide thoughts baby, Ima die young” which is the whole theme of the song.


So he’s sitting there, and having all these thoughts, flashing through his mind which can be represented by the old television. Even though Yung Swiss keeps saying he wanna die young you can tell it’s a battle in his “busy” mind. 

He’s having flashbacks of his past shows and support from the fans and family. “Got the bag for my niggas that been patient” – he’s still showing love to the ones that have been loyal and never switch up, now he has finally made it.

Watch the full music video below:

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