Yung Swiss and K.O links up for ‘Psychadelia’ song + video


The duo that worked on the fan’s favorite Jungle, one of the best singles from #BottomBaby. They have reunited again now for ‘Psychedelia’ a new blazing new hip-hop track from the Rosettenville trap mogul Yung Swiss and the Skhanda God, K.O who needs no introduction.

If you watched Yung Swiss‘s latest music video ‘For The Nation’ you will probably have a better understanding of his style and type of music / content he produces. ‘Psychedelia‘ definition: music, culture, or art based on the experiences produced by psychedelic drugs. So going back to his music it’s part of his experiences and the environment he grew up under. That’s exactly why people like him as he’s telling his story through these trippy vibes and there’s a lot of people relating to the dude.

And K.O was also came in for his verse and carried on the flow of the song, and it was still that raw Mr Cashtime we know and respect. PGP always leaves me speechless with the quality of their production, always on point.

Stream official video and get the song below available on Apple Music and iTunes!



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