Yung Swiss & J Molley – Cold


Cold! It’s that new music from the Playground Productions camp. Last time we talked about Yung Swiss when he dropped “Janet”, we said it was his last single of 2017. Well it looks like the PGP trapper is up to something, and this time with another new act making waves on the internet J Molley.

And this looks like there is a joint project by these two, since this song “Cold” is up on their joint Audiomack account. This is definitely good news if you like new school sounds, Swiss & Molley will make sure your playlist is lit.

“Cold” sounds really dope and the boys are on that “flex talk” about that cold wrist, they got diamonds on their wrist. “Cold wrist, I got diamonds on my wrist” and then an understatement “This ish gon’ fuck up the summer”... Nah this ish will do more damage than fuck up your summer, trust me. Get the song below.

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