Zoocci Coke Dope: Morning Star Documentary


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A closer look into this years biggest and most prolific SA Hip Hop new comer, Zoocci Coke Dope. Narrating his Debut EP Morning Star with guest appearances from: A-Reece, GingerTrill, BLFR, MashBeatz, Chad Da Don and also Ex-Global. The video is shot/documented by Kewand and edited by MotionBilly & Sabelo Mkhabela

“He’s a genius” – Ginger Trill

Zoocci speaks out about his music, “It’s very dark you know, most of the songs are dark, it’s only because I was in a dark space.” This really accurate, every time (most of the times) I listen the Morning Star EP I really feel that darkness. Maybe because I relate too much to his music and that’s keeps me working harder and learning so much from his experiences.

He also talks about sacrifices, “All the time I sacrificed in past relationships, not just love relationships… friends and family too. There was the dark period where people were turning their backs on me.” I mean this is exactly what I’m going through, putting so much time in doing what you love will separate you from a lot of relationship. It’s a risk someone have to take in order to achieve what they want in this life.

“Zoocci is a very focused person” – Reece

“I really believe music is a personal thing, if your music is not personal then you doing something wrong” said Zoocci. I’m 110% behind this point for example if you talk about you popping bottles of Ciroc when you really not, then you doing something wrong.

I also realized that “Morning Star EP” is his come up story, he explained that it’s what he was going through before he became well-known. Most of the tracks, especially “Nobody” (no favors, with Ginger Trill) and “Mr Nice Guy” (with Kid X) are part of his come up story.

“He has his priorities in order” – Reece

This is what happened on the first track “Morning Star” when he was arguing with himself and we heard gunshots. He says that the “Bad Zoocci” ended up killing the “Nice Zoocci.” He explains, that is why the next song is “Mr Nice Guy” (no more Mr Nice Guy, with Kid X) because he killed the other one. Genius.

The Dealer is an inspiration. He puts so much work to perfect his craft you can tell by listening to his music. Watch the full “Morning Star” documentary below and be inspired. Don’t forget to share, there are so many people out there that needs to see this. Also the EP is available on iTunes.

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