Zoocci Coke Dope Opens Up on “Current State Of Mind II” (Stream & Download)

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If we did it just so it could end, wish I could take it back because I wanted it to be forever.

He’s The Dealer! That’s what we should call him, The Dealer. Zoocci is back again with the second installment of “Current State Of Mind” but this time it’s longer didn’t end unexpectedly like the first one he dropped mid-last year.

The Dealer is always going in deeper on his music and that’s what real music listeners want, real music. This song is about a girl that broke his heart even though they had a good time he’s still wishing he could take it back, take back everything… all the time he spent and things he said. Now he wish all that time he wasted with her he could’ve been making music, but now it’s too late. “I wish I never said some things, I nearly copped a diamond ring”

Zoocci Coke Dope knows and he had to learn the lesson. That’s what important in life, with all these mistakes we make / experiences we have to come out with the lessons, learn from your mistakes.

Listen to the song below and if you enjoyed it don’t forget to hit the share button below. #ZASound!


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